• How can we leverage projection mapping tech to bridge the gap between the human body and the technology that influences us?
  • How can we experience data through our surroundings?

With Angela Um

This project was a personal investigation of a feeling I knew was shared by many, executed through public outreach. The final outcome are life-sized projections. The project educates each person experiencing it about listening to their bodies’ needs.

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An urge to gather narratives and find commonalities through real-time 
data from people in the RISD community was the catalyst for this project. 
Our surveys reached100 people (data pool was those not local to providence), representing 12 nationalities, age groups from 18 to 50.

What’s next? 
How can I leverage projection mapping technologies to bridge the divide between
body and tech? Actively studying ways to use senors that map a moving body and responsively adapt the projections.