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Thesis Project
3 months
Research, Writing, Design, Production
Advised by Hammett Nurosi and Paul Soulellis

       i.e a boundary, door or point between two things.

This project is written and designed to mark the culmination of a turbulent & transitionary 4.5 years of undergraduate design study. It serves to reconcile my choice to change majors from Architecture to Graphic Design, on a path to find a space where the disciplines may [possibly] co-exist. By exploring grid systems, perspective, typography, spatial theory, form & counter-form etc, interviewing practitioners in both fields, and learning from ‘The Poetics of Space’ by Gaston Bachelard, I try to answer -

  • How can we translate space to a 2D graphic system? 
  • What kind of tools engage both disciplines? 

This book is an amalgamation of (my) two worlds.